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The following are some of the best icons of the 70s

· Van der Graaf Generator      

Van Der Graaf Generator is a kind of graduated band. It is very organic and robust with a keyboard and has a spacious tone. They do an unbelievable job constructing their songs and have a full instrumental passage. Vocal vocals are heavy, dramatic, while guitar and bass do an excellent job, mainly through occasional solitary performances.

· Jim Morrison

His life was an enigma, and his death in the Paris bath is still a mystery. But he became one of the most easily recognizable figures of the time. Generally, he imagined his weapons out, his chest bare, his hair unstable, and his cheekbones racing sharply. Morrison is captured by Life magazine, witnessing his infamous indecency arrest on stage.

· Mick Jagger

The king of the 70s decadence is Mick Jagger. With his bee-stung lips and his almost androgynous gait. The rock’n’roll lothario and the Rolling Stones lead soloist. He had a supposed affair with David Bowie and redefined masculinity in one go. In the 70s, Jagger exuded brilliance, which allowed him to command the crowd and the decade.

· Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix bought Hussar’s military jacket from the Portobello Street Thrift Shop; it became his staple style. He is a guitar hero. He is made the Washington-born singer, the self-assurance paradigm, and rule-breaking 70s chic alongside landscaped scaffolds, crushed velvet, and bell-bottoms.

· Iggy Pop

The proper acknowledgement of popularizing stage diving is also attributed to Iggy Pop. His visceral appearance has since seen him roll around in broken glasses, and his blood-covered performance and vomiting continue before the audience. He was the Perma shirtless, makeup-wearing a rock-star in the 70s—the Stooges, which represented the Devil’s carelessness, which defined his decade’s music.

· Lou Reed

The ’70s did not start too well for Lou Reed: he left the Velvet Underground and took up a job as a typist in his father’s accounts firm and was now widely viewed as one of the most influential albums of recent history. Fortunately, it was not long, and he had his first solo album under his belt in 1971. The mysterious Reed sang best, his eyes down: black hair, black clothes, black shades (and occasionally, black nail polish).

· Syd Barrett

Syd Barrett was a band member of the Pink Floyd Band who wore ties and frilled shirts but still retained a specific excellent style. Despite his relatively fluently active musical career, Barrett’s unorthodox style in the industry, coupled with his kohl-eyed, haunting actions, has made it an enduring influence on people’s culture today.

· Roger Daltry

Like many on this list, Roger Daltrey, who is sometimes referred to as one of the most charismatic frontmen, likes to get away from it and go out with models. Daltrey was an exhibitionist wearing a tight, fringe-loving t-shirt monopolizing his stage forever. The epic rock opera, Tommy, was released in 1975. Daltrey takes the title of the film’s sorcerer, sour, silent, and blind.