The Proper Choice for the Right Guitar Choice

It’s hard to choose the right guitar to buy because there are so many. Before buying your guitar or guitar talk to friends, teachers and experienced people in the area. To help you we show you 12 tips that can help you decide, in the last tip you can see some reference marks.

1 – Style

  • First ask yourself what kind of music do you want to play?
  • Do you want to play rock, blues or metal?
  • Do you want to play mostly pop?
  • Do you want to play classical music?

If you choose to (A) buy an electric guitar.

If you chose to (B) buy an acoustic guitar with steel strings.

If you chose to (C) buy a classic guitar / guitar.

2 – Age

If you are thinking of buying a guitar or a guitar for your child (6 to 10 years old) it is advisable to buy a guitar with nylon strings. It would be a classic guitar / guitar. Nylon strings are easier on the fingers than steel strings, so it is best for children.

3 – Beginning

Many people have an old guitar at home. When you start it is a good idea to use or borrow one before you buy one. Have some guitar or guitar lessons to make sure you want to continue. Now you can buy a more expensive guitar.

4 – Electric guitar

Are you thinking of making ‘noise’? Buy an electric guitar. But also for clean sounds, or the creamy sound of the blues, remains a good idea. If you want to have various sound possibilities, electric guitar is a good bet. Brands like Fender, Epiphone or Ibanez are always a good bet on electric guitars. Make a visit to for finding the best lot.

5 – Acoustic guitar (steel strings)

Acoustic guitars with steel strings have a rich, full and natural sound. An acoustic guitar with very cheap steel strings usually does not have these attributes.

6 – Guitar / Classical Guitar

The classic guitar has a warmer sound, a sweeter sound. This has to do with the nylon strings. A good classical guitar is usually cheaper than a good acoustic guitar with steel strings.

7 – Choose what you like

When you go out to buy a guitar, use your ears. Which sound suits you the most. You can hear what the salesman has to say but the last word is yours.

8 – Strings

Look for a guitar with the bass strings. This means the distance between the ropes and the frets. The smaller this distance the easier it is to play. This for beginners is the best.

9 – Explore

Go to different stores, take your time and try as hard as you can. Learn to listen and feel the difference. Do not buy right away.

10 – Advantages

The electric guitar is the most expensive, even more so with the amplifier and optional pedals to create unique sounds. It is the most versatile too. It has the finest arm as a rule and the strings most close to each other which makes it a little harder to play than a classic guitar. Acoustic guitar with steel strings or the classical guitar do not need amplification. The body of the guitar serves as a sounding board. The strings of steel give incredible beauty to the sound. The classic guitar has nylon strings making it more comfortable for the fingers. Your arm is wider which requires a little more flexibility in the fingers.