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Why You Should Hire a Reputation Management Firm


Although based on the same fundamental marketing knowledge, Marketing and Reputation Management are both so resource intensive for a company that it takes two separate departments. Like separating finance from accounting, the former looks to advance future business directly and the latter is mainly concerned with monitoring the existing online “conversation” around a given brand.


It is likely that your firm has a website and some social media pages, in which you can promote your product and/or service, monitor the conversation and respond to questions, comments and concerns.


If you’ve grown to a certain size, it is likely that you have a marketing team in place to continuously come up with new and exciting ways to engage your existing customers, follow trends and acquire new business. This is essential to the proper functioning of your business and is resource intensive.


But beware, there is the content which is on your social media pages and/or website which is directly within your grasp, and then there is the content which is not. That is: social media posts not directly on your managed Facebook page, tweets directed at your page, posts on review sites such as Yelp and many more.…

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Fixing Your Broken Glass Bong

If you went against your better judgment and decided to buy a glass bong despite your history of clumsiness, then broke it, you might be a little hesitant to replace it. On the other hand, if it was a dumb, stoned friend of yours that knocked the bong off the table by mistake, you may also be waiting on him to pay you back before buying a new piece. It’s not like you can just not smoke your herb out of your bong in the meantime though, so you’ll have to get creative and perform some surgery on your bong to return it to a functional state. Any stoner on a budget hits this point in their life eventually, but don’t you worry because you have a few different options available to you depending on your stock of typical household items.


    Aluminum can be your friend for re-sealing cracks in the stem of your bowl or the bowl itself. It’s easy to shape it however you need or please, but you need to keep in mind you don’t want it heating up too much. If you’re going to use aluminum to seal up a crack, make sure it doesn’t …

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