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Unconditional Love Music

In children’s parties, a sport of “pin the tail on the donkey” won’t be as fun with out the music. The best way we perceive music and lyrics can be affected by our experiences, memories, associations and tastes. Ne-Yo starts the track out right with the chorus, passionately telling his girl by way of music that although he is “good by himself”, her presence in his life makes his life better and him a better individual. Why do songs and different music imply a lot to us when we are pining for our loved one, or lacking our loved one, and even worse, if we have been rejected by our cherished one.

Dr Garrido said there are also research that counsel listening to soothing music will increase levels of oxytocin — the ‘love hormone’ or ‘cuddle chemical’. The beauty of proudly owning your copies of indie, emo, different or folks songs is that you do not even fear if you miss out on the show that plays your favorite music. Having me walk round singing or listening to music on my iPod was inevitable.

The type of music chosen for an individual to hearken to says very a lot about …

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