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Chicago Metro Metal Consortium

After a particularly damp winter patio metal furniture can start displaying indicators of rust. Salt water incorporates electrolytic substances which might generally confuse a regular metal detector,…
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Journey Chicago

They stormed the local UK music scene with an uncommon name and a novel tune. Roberts, who has been a music producer for 12 years, said it was tough to earn money as a musician as a result of radio…
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BA In Music Enterprise University Of Illinois At Chicago

Posted OnJuly 10, 2018 0
Over the past couple of years, a lot of articles have surfaced in the music business world touting blockchain tech as the saviour of the music business which is able to finally allow artists to get…
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High 20 Chicago Hits

Are you aware which Latin music albums are doing great on Billboard top so far as recognition and sales are concerned? Approaching the heels of a grind that saw her release two mixtapes — she has…
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