How do I care for my hair extensions? The best ways

To keep your hair extensions looking beautiful and healthy, it is important not only to care for them but also to look after them properly. How to care for your hair extensions with the sandwich method? We suggest.

Long, shiny hair is one of the most important attributes of a woman. If you are not blessed with breathtaking hair, do not worry. Hair extensions give you not only impressive length, but also volume in just a few hours.

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Sandwich method hair extensions

Are you concerned that the treatment will not weigh down and weaken your natural hair? Are you looking for a method that is gentle? Choose the sandwich method for hair extensions. Experts say that the sandwich method is currently the most gentle hair extension method for your natural hair. This is all thanks to the modern method of attaching the natural strands to the extensions. During the procedure the stylist does not use high temperatures or aggressive chemical substances. The bond connecting the two elements are thin, silicone strips, placed right next to the skin. Transparent and very light, they do not weigh down and do not pull the strands.

Important: as the natural hair grows, the silicone bands will recede. To keep them invisible, visit a hair salon every 4-6 weeks to have a stylist pull them up. Otherwise, the bands may become visible and the effect of the procedure will be caricatured.

Durability of the sandwich method

The effect of sandwich extensions lasts on your hair for up to 6 months. However, to keep the extensions looking beautiful over time, proper care is necessary. How do I care for my tape-on extensions?

Taking care of your tape-on extensions

– If you have used natural hair extensions, you can treat your hair extensions just as you would treat your own hair. However, unlike natural hair extensions, they have no source of internal moisture. They lose moisture much faster than your own hair. That’s why moisturizing should be your primary hair care regimen for tape-on hair.

– Use moisturizing cosmetics (preferably lines dedicated to extensions or for dry and damaged hair like GoldwellRichRepair cosmetics). Avoid products with alcohol, parabens and SLS substances. These will dry the strands and make them lose their shine.

– Apply a light conditioner after every shampoo. Apply a nutrient-rich mask once or twice a week. Remember to avoid bonding points. Cosmetic ingredients may weaken them.

– Apply argan oil or serum to your hair to prevent split ends and keep it smooth and shiny.

– Although many women treat their hair extensions with liquid silk, our experience shows that the ingredients in this product dry out the hair.

– Wash your hair in lukewarm water, directing the stream of water from top to bottom. After rinsing, wrap them in a towel and gently drain the water. Do not rub or scrub. If possible, let them dry naturally.

– Do not use too much heat. You can treat natural hair extensions just like you would your own hair – blow-dry, straighten, curl or even colour them. However, too frequent heat treatments can dry out the strands. This will result in dull, dull looking hair. And don’t forget to apply a protective treatment before using curling irons, blow dryers and straighteners.

– To avoid tangling, frizz and excessive hair loss, make sure you tie your hair into a tight braid before going to sleep. The same applies if you use the gym, sauna or pool.

– Brush your hair several times a day with a special brush for hair extensions. This keeps your hair smooth and prevents knots.