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Keep away from Back Pain

A drum set is sort of a well-constructed home with foundation and framework. A four-piece kit extends the three-piece by adding one tom, both a second hanging tom mounted on the bass drum (a notable…
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about music

About Music Training Public Lecture Series

This first major examination the interrelationships of music and browsing explores completely different ways that surfers mix surfing with making and listening to music. Music that accommodates a…
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Bass Berry

Many anglers consider the Smallmouth Bass to be the toughest preventing fish, pound for pound, that swims in freshwater. Southern Ontario in Canada can even provide some nice alternatives to catch…
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music jobs

Search Jobs

Careers in the music industry embrace: artists, engineers, producers, administration and other behind-the-scenes people who find themselves in the business of capturing, recreating and advertising…
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business music

The Business Of Music

In the Music Business, Entrepreneurship & Expertise (MBET) program, you'll be taught the fundamentals of the music business in the context of an arts-primarily based training. That definitely holds…
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